MEADOWDALE MAVERICKS - 10,000 SHOT CLUB – Summer/Fall 2013

UPDATE!  The deadline for this event has been extended 3 weeks to November 8th, 2013!

Leaderboard as of October 14th!

Place Player Total Shots Taken Grade
1st Lilly Williams 15,620 6th
2nd James Parks 13,015 11th
3rd Lyle Lasala 12,100 11th
4th Zach White 6,550 6th
5th Charlie White 6,250 11th
6th Reid Wilson 6,200 11th
6th Steve White 2,250 2250

The Challenge:  Shoot 10,000 basketball shots in the off-season – from June through October 15th New End Date  November 8th, 2013 !
The Goal:  Improve your skills, make more shots, win more games…and have fun!

Who is eligible?  We hope all Maverick boys and girls players will participate. In addition, everyone in the Meadowdale community is welcome – Maverick feeder team players, brothers, sisters, parents, and friends.

How to participate?

1.  Download the PDF Shot Tracking Form.  

2.  Print out the form and keep track of your shots each day you shoot.

3.  Return to Take10000shots.com at the beginning of each month from July to October to post your shot total for the previous month.  We’ll have a leader board with all the athletes in each grade-level for boys and girls.

NOTE:  All Edmonds-area athletes ages 5 – 19  who get to 10,000 shots before October 15th November 8th, 2013 will receive a Maverick 10,000 Shot Club T-shirt.

A Few Tips:

  • Accurate estimates are OK – for example, if you know you average about 6 shots per minute, and you shoot for 20 minutes, you can enter 120 shots.
  •  Do all shots count?  Yes. Take the shots that you will take in games, including lay-ups, free throws, and 3-point shots. All shots count, not just the shots you make.  Of course, you are welcome to independently track improvements in your shooting percentage.
  • Take shots at “game speed” as much as possible.
  • What does it take to get to 10,000 shots?
    • You have 5 months to take 10,000 shots. This requires an average of 2,000 shots per month, or roughly 100 shots per day, 5 days a week.
    • Yes – those who get to 10,000 shots will receive a Maverick 10,000 Shot Club T-shirt.  More new to come!